EEBA's annual High Performance Home Builder Summit showcases cutting-edge research and best practices of high performance housing for builders, raters, analysts, and architects to take homes to new heights.

EEBA has witnessed an abundance of excellence in our community of builders and their partners. We are excited to highlight industry builders, chosen through the nomination process and reviewed by the EEBA Executive Committee to receive these Excellence Awards. Projects nominated must be completed or under construction. Submission deadline is August 31st. This year we will be accepting nominations for the following awards: 

EEBA Excellence Awards

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Excellence in Healthier Homes

People in the US spend approximately 70% of their time at home. This award seeks to call out builders who understand the impacts that certain products and services have on homeowners to build a better air quality environment that includes low VOC, air filtration, and avoiding hazardous materials. Projects must be seeking Indoor airPLUS certification as a baseline but go above and beyond this baseline by showcasing best in class practices. Click here to submit your project for Excellence in Healthier Homes.

Excellence in Electrification

Many countries, including the US, are seeking ways to decrease current carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to respond to concerns about climate change. Electrification of homes is a key strategy in transitioning to renewable energy sources and reducing CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. This award highlights homes that deliver the climate, health, and economic benefits of electrification. This award seeks to identify best-in-class all-electric house-building strategies and showcase technologies used.  Click here to submit your project for Excellence in Electrification.

Excellence in Resiliency

On average, about 1 in 10 homes are impacted by natural disasters, affecting millions of homeowners a year. This award seeks to identify the best-in-class homes built with resiliency in mind, looking for solutions that can help make homes stronger and better prepared for droughts, wildfires, extreme heat, storms, earthquakes, floods, and other types of natural disasters and severe weather, protecting homeowners. The FORTIFIED program is one building method that recognizes how typical construction leaves homes vulnerable and has found solutions to meet the increasing demand for stronger, more resilient homes. This award seeks to identify single-family and multi-family projects focused on cutting-edge resiliency strategies that protect the occupants. Click here to submit your project for Excellence in Resiliency. 

Excellence in Decarbonization

40% of carbon comes from the real estate sector; decarbonizing our homes is one way to reduce carbon emissions. This award seeks to identify builders that have measured their operational and embodied carbon throughout the construction process and look at ways to reduce carbon through thoughtful choices of materials, and processes which may include carbon offset strategies. Click here to submit your project for Excellence in Decarbonization.

Share Your Excellence

Do you have a project that is under construction or recently built that brings high-performance housing to new heights? Submit your project for a chance of receiving one of the EEBA Excellence Awards.

*Each award winner will share a 2-minute overview of their project on stage at the Building Excellence Award Dinner on Wednesday night during the 2024 High Performance Home Builder Summit in Salt Lake City, UT from October 1-3, 2024. 

What you will need to submit:

  • Photos and/or a Matterport Tour of the project.
  • Description of the project (500 words or less).
  • Location of the project.
  • Proof that the project is in the process of being built or that it is built.

Submission Deadline is August 31, 2024.

Awards will be presented at the EEBA High Performance Builder Summit on October 1-3, 2024, in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Awards Banquet. This banquet will also feature the Zero Energy Ready Home Housing Innovation Awards and the EPA Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards.